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Repairing Your Appliance VS Buying New or Used Appliances in Charlotte NC

To help make your decision easier when it comes to repairing your trusty appliance, we have listed key points that save you the headache of experiencing later.

1. Delivery fee and an extra fee for upstairs. Then there may be a removal fee.  Those weekend sales ads forget to mention their up-sells.  When buying new or used appliances it is easy to get charged an extra $100 in delivery and disposal fees.
2. Used appliance may not be guaranteed.  New appliances from scratch and dent or outlet stores are commonly the reject appliances that get returned or are refurbished.  Some repair companies will not work on these appliances.
3. Depending on where you purchased the used appliance, it could have its safety sensors bypassed to cut costs (mostly dryers).  It is very common for our technicians to run into these machines.  If the appliances have been severely hacked we can not work on them due to liability issues.
4. Your appliance may have a minor issue and can sometimes cost half the price of a used appliance to repair or a fraction of a new one.  Many issues we come across can be repaired without the purchase of any parts.
5.Most all used appliance dealers repair their own appliances with SALVAGED USED PARTS. %95 percent of the appliances in a used appliance store were brought in broken.  At least when you have your machine repaired it will have one brand new part with a 60 day guarantee.
6.Your problem may not be with the appliance itself. It may be the electrical outlet, then you would have bought another machine to have the same problem unresolved.


Craigslist ScamsFinally, in the rare case that you do call us and choose not to move forward with the repair, we advise to buy with caution from craigslist.  Just about every week we witness customers who have called us for a newly bought craigslist appliance with major issues.  People love to pass on their problems.  Always check the full functionality of the appliance before taking delivery!

Why Repair Used Appliances March 25, 2016




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