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Direct Appliance Repair is a locally owned and operated.  We are experts at dryer repair in Charlotte NC and surrounding areas. We absolutely have the lowest prices in town.  We keep our business small with low over head so we don’t have to charge inflated rates like our larger competitors.  Call us today and we will be there the same day or tomorrow!  If we do not have the part you need, we will pick it up the same day and return for the repair!


★ No Hidden Trip Charge Added to Diagnostic

★ Same Day Part Pick-Up for Fast Completion

★ Pay After Your Appliance Is Repaired

★ 60 Day Guarantee On Parts and Labor

★ We Accept Debit, Credit, Cash, or Checks

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Dryer repairNeed References?  We thrive on honesty and customer reviews as our small business depends on it.  Do a search for “Direct Appliance Repair” and you will see our 5 star ratings from real customers!  We are also a BBB accredited business.

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Read these tips and tricks to help save you time and money on your dryer repair.

Problem:  Clothes not drying fully or taking too long to dry.  This may not need dryer repair!

  • Tip 1:  Clothes that are taking too long to dry may be the result of a clogged dryer vent.  You need to check the vent that goes through your home and to the outside.  The best way to do this is to turn on your dryer and go outside to see the amount of air that is coming from the dryer external exhaust vent.  If you feel very little or no air coming from the exhaust vent on the outside of the house, you need to call a dryer duct cleaning service.
  • Tip 2:  Clothes that are still damp after a drying cycle is complete may be the result of dirty moisture sensors.  These sensors are usually 2 silver bars on the inside of the drum (not all dryers have this option).  To test if your sensors are dirty, run your dryer in the timed dry selection only.  If your clothes come out dry than all you have to do is clean off your moisture sensors and you can go back and use sensor dry settings again.

Problem:  Dryer not turning on.

Tip:  Make sure your breaker has not tripped.


When do I call you for dryer repair?

  • No Heat
  • Not turning on and breaker checks ok
  • Not tumbling
  • Loud noises (could destroy your motor if not addressed in time)


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From a technicians point of view:

All dryers are just about created equal. They all do the same thing which is tumble, heat, and blow. What your local salesman does not want you to know is that the high end appliance that is almost twice the cost is in reality not much better than the base model. When it comes to a broken appliance, repairing is your most economical choice 90% percent of the time. Out of all the types of appliances in your home, dryers are probably the easiest to keep for the longest period because of their simplicity.
Remember this note is from a technicians stand point and what may be a simple machine to a technician may be beyond your technical skills so we advise you not to attempt to repair your own appliance.

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