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Direct Appliance Repair is a locally owned and operated.  We are experts at home appliance repair. We absolutely have the lowest prices in town.  We keep our business small with low over head so we don’t have to charge inflated rates like our larger competitors.  Call us today and we will be there the same day or tomorrow!  If we do not have the part you need, we will pick it up the same day and return for the repair!


Dryer repairNeed References?  We thrive on honesty and customer reviews as our small business depends on it.  Do a search for “Direct Appliance Repair” and you will see our 5 star ratings from real customers!  We are also a BBB
accredited business.

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Tips for Choosing a Local Appliance Repair Service

As a homeowner, or even a renter, there are specific appliances, which you use each and every day. If one of these happens to go bad, it can create for a hectic and disastrous day. Washing machines and dryers are crucial for keeping your clothes clean and keeping you spiffy, which may be crucial for your professional career. Of course, a broken refrigerator can be even more devastating and can lead to hundreds of dollars in spoiled food! In order to divert this dilemma, it is wise to track down and hire a local appliance repair shop, which can fix your appliance, as soon as possible. Below, you will discover helpful tips for choosing a local appliance technician in Charlotte NC and surrounding areas.

Before Hiring

Before you actually break down and hire someone to repair your appliance, you should take the time to attempt to troubleshoot the problem, on your own. First, make sure the appliance is actually receiving power. When diagnosing a malfunctioning refrigerator, it is wise to avoid unplugging it immediately, if at all. Sometimes, your home’s electrical system can be put under too much pressure, which will force the breaker to shut off, which is commonly referred to as a tripped breaker. Before making the call, you should make sure your breakers have not been tripped, which will only require you to locate the breaker box and reset the tripped breaker switch.

Going Local

Every one knows now a days that supporting your local businesses can be a mutual benefit. By selecting a local business, you will receive quicker and cheaper service, since the business has a much lower over head cost of operation.  If you ever have a problem with your service you can always get in touch with a manager and often times the owner.

Communication and Respect

There are a few characteristics that make for a good relationship. Communication and respect are crucial! When calling your local repair shop, you should be able to make a quick judgment based on your conversation. If you were treated in a respectful manner on the phone, it is likely the technician, who will be trekking through your house, will treat you a similar manner. If you disliked the receptionist’s attitude at all, it is wise to find someone else, even if it consumes more of your day.

Never Pay Upfront

At the end of the day, all repair shops are interested in making money, but some genuinely care about their customers more than others. Since it would be very difficult for the customer to rip off the technician, you should do your best to avoid paying upfront. A respectful and reputable business will give you the benefit of the doubt and allow you to make your payment, after your appliance has been repaired and is up and running properly.

Ensuring a Guarantee

In many cases, a home appliance is very similar to an automobile. Fixing one is a process, which takes place on a trial and error basis. Although one problematic part may have been replaced, it could have been another, which is the source of the appliance’s malfunction. Therefore, it is wise to obtain some type of guarantee. Although a thirty-day guarantee is acceptable, it is beneficial to choose someone, who is offering a guarantee of at least sixty days.

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